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June 2021 (published: 19.05.2021)

Number 2(45)

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UDC 330.341

The essence and role of BI systems in the modern economy

Tsukanova Olga A, Yarskaya A.A.

Data analytics by BI systems is still a new direction in approaches to working with data, and in many countries, including Russia, it is only now beginning to be actively studied, penetrate the market and be implemented in companies of various sizes and industries. The main goal of implementing BI systems is to provide quick access to data, their storage and analysis for information support for making management decisions. The benefits of implementing BI systems have been most fully felt by Western companies, in which BI systems have been used for a long time and have already been well studied. At Russian enterprises, clear criteria have not yet been formed that can provide certain benefits to the company, thanks to the introduction of a business intelligence system. The effectiveness of using the system depends on the goals of implementation, on how many departments and business processes will be reflected in it, on the conservatism of employees and their digital training, and other factors. So, the subjects of management can make rational decisions to improve the efficiency of economic activities of enterprises. The object of the research is the market of BI systems as tools that ensure the adoption and justification of management decisions based on the collection, modeling, integration, analysis, and presentation of data. The subject of the research is a set of theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of the implementation and use of BI-systems in enterprises. The purpose of the article: to consider the essence of the concept of BI-systems, to determine their role in the modern economy, to identify development trends in the future period, advantages, and disadvantages in use.
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Keywords: Business Intelligence, business analytics, the essence of BI systems, the market for BI systems, BI Capability Maturity Model, advantages of BI systems, risks of BI implementation, trends in the BI market.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-2-79-85

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