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June 2021 (published: 19.05.2021)

Number 2(45)

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UDC 330.3

New normality in the Socio-economic life of Russia after the coronovirus pandemic

Nikiforova V.D., Nikiforov A.A.

The article analyzes the trends in the formation of a new reality in the economy, management, and social sphere in Russia under the influence of the consequences of the global coronovirus pandemic. Special attention is paid to the factors of transformation of social and economic relations in society, which acts as an all-encompassing phenomenon that transforms not only the economy, politics, social processes, but also the person himself. As changes in business, work, education, leisure, and consciousness become more widespread, the issues of institutional support for digital reality, including regulatory and legal regulation, re-understanding the value of real relations between people, the role of the state and individual socio-economic institutions, are becoming more relevant. Based on the analysis of the content of the concepts of "new economy", the evolution of the sphere of life of society and the individual on the basis of digitalization, the main patterns, socio-economic consequences of the development of scientific and technological progress, which is acquiring a planetary character, are determined. The approach to the research from the standpoint of the theory of institutionalism allowed us to reveal the issues of transformation of political, economic and social interaction in society. For more success in overcoming the structural crisis in the Russian economy, the socio-economic growth in importance of the formation of the knowledge economy, increasing levels of public administration, creation of conditions for a large-scale implementation of the synergetic effect of the interaction between the public and private sectors of the economy, the development of the system of economic and financial education of citizens, etc.
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Keywords: new economy, human capital, public management, financial literacy.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-2-73-78

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