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June 2020 (published: 19.06.2020)

Number 2(41)

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UDC 334.021

Digital marketing communications in the context of media prosumerism development

Budrin A. G. , Soldatova A.V. , Zonis M.M.

In the context of digital transformation of media culture, changes to its elements (media production, media consumption and media products), development of the space of dialogue and multi-platform communication there is an interactive development of everyday life by consumers. Highly competent mastery of media at the interpersonal and mass levels, the manifestation of activity and creativity by consumers in the digital environment researchers designate the term "media prosumerism." The development of media prosumerism with high speed enhances the convergence of media space, this leads to a strong change in communication and producer-consumer relations, the role of relationship actors is changing. Company executives rebuild product value chains based on co-creation marketing, focusing on prosumer initiatives. Transformations are also taking place in the digital marketing communications toolkit, development tools based on media prosumers, namely, influence marketing, new media, referral marketing, educational marketing, SMM and other tools of systemic company reputation management in the digital environment. The purpose of the publication is a theoretical study of the essence of the concept of “media prosumerism”, its influence on the formation and convergence of the media space, as well as on the tools of the structure of digital marketing communications of the company. The results of the work are the establishment of semantic boundaries of the concepts of “media prosumer” and “media proconsumer”, disclosure of the term "consumer information space", clarification of digital marketing communications tools in a converged media environment, a description of the monetary, social, and relative effectiveness of the interaction between the company and media prosumers. The paper presents a factor model that reflects the monetary performance of influencing marketing and other new digital marketing communications tools based on relationships with media prosumers.
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Keywords: media prosumerism, media convergence, digital marketing communications, consumer-professional, factor analysis of the applications results of digital marketing communications.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-2-111-120

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