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March 2020 (published: 04.03.2020)

Number 1(40)

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UDC 331.108

Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of personnel management in retail

Mishura L.G. , Shkarina E.A.

Introduction: In the context of the active digitalization of the economy, the external and internal environment for the existence of enterprises is subject to significant changes, which necessitates the efficient management of the enterprise’s labor resources, and the use of new methods of stimulating and motivating personnel. In the modern world, considerable attention is paid to stimulating and motivating personnel activities as the main engine in the organization's work. Human nature is multifaceted and sometimes unpredictable, and it is important for the company to be sure that the staff is a reliable and effective resource in the life and functioning of the company. Before developing the development of fundamentally new methods of employee incentives, it is worth considering methods for assessing the effectiveness of personnel activities. The purpose of this article is to study existing methods for assessing the performance of enterprise personnel, which can also be applied at retail enterprises. Data and methods: to achieve the goal, domestic and foreign methods and approaches to assessing the effectiveness of employees that are applicable to the retail sector were considered. Analysis of the results: based on an analysis of the methods and approaches used in domestic and foreign practices, the method was recommended as the most suitable for assessing the impact of the performance of employees of a retail enterprise on the financial result of the activities of the enterprise being studied. As a result, it was concluded that the relationship between these areas is most evident when using a system of balanced indicators and evaluating key performance indicators of labor resources and the financial performance of retail enterprises.
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Keywords: incentive, assessment of the effectiveness of staff incentives, key performance indicators, strategic goal map, KPI-indicators of retail trade, factor model.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-1-132-140

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