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June 2019 (published: 26.06.2019)

Number 2(37)

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UDC 338.27

The use of environmental innovation in industrial enterprises as a promising direction Russian economy development

Treiman M.G.

Introduction: The article reflects the features of the application of environmental innovations, their development and recent development in the Russian Federation, the importance and relevance of the direction to date. The main tendencies of development of ecological innovations are defined, for what enterprises their introduction will be the most favorable and perspective, and also experience of the national project "Ecology" and prospects of its full implementation in the country is considered. Dataand Metods: The study used methods of analysis and synthesis, considered relevant examples for this area and conducted their situational analysis, factor analysis of the innovation process, as well as the induction and deduction of data and situations. Analysof Results: The study considers current examples of the implementation of eco-innovations in the practice of modern enterprises and companies: on the example of the Baltika brewery, as well as the resource supply enterprise of sue Vodokanal of St. Petersburg. The environmental innovations considered in the work are promising for further implementation in other companies and structures of the city. The key projects and indicators, such as "the southern area of water supply," the assessment of risk to public health if contaminated water body, characteristics and relationship of the concepts of production capacity and innovative activities and their effectiveness and the strategic importance for the city.
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Keywords: eco innovations, innovation-active enterprises, energy efficiency, reduction of negative impact.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-2-110-120

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