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June 2016 (published: 20.06.2016)

Number 2(25)

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Essence, forms and issues of outsourcing in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation

Golubev A.A., Ovsyannikova N.V.

The article reveals the essence of outsourcing as a method of organizational redistribution of business functions in the company and an instrument of resource support current activities. Outsourcing allows companies not only to transfer some powers to a third party, but at the same time get rid of the risk and responsibility for the execution of the functions transferred. This factor is important for the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, whose activities are mainly financed by the federal budget funds allocated for the state defense order. Military-industrial complex is one of the priority directions of development of the national economy, which largely determines the general trends of the economy. Although an in-depth transformation of the defense industry in the early 2000s, the sector is still in need of modernization. Moreover, in a market economy are not many domestic enterprises, including defense industry participants have a sufficient volume of own resources to develop and manufacture products competitive in both domestic and foreign markets. This makes it necessary to use outsourcing, which allows to cooperate resources to achieve common goals. It is important to evaluate the usefulness of this tool in the enterprise by comparing the risks arising from the involvement of a third party, and the alleged effect of the outsourcing system implementation.
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Keywords: outsourcing, resource provision, military-industrial complex, state defense order.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2016-9-2-100-106

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