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March 2016 (published: 30.03.2016)

Number 1(24)

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Problems of competition of public health service Russia

Seleznev V.D., Volkov S. D.

This article is devoted to the development of a competitive environment of health care. Factors and economic effects of the competition in the context of contemporary modernization of the industry are discussed in the article. Ambiguous economists’ attitude to the possibility of expanding the competition in such a socially important field as public health protection causes serious problems not only in methodology but also in carrying out of necessary empirical studies. Attention in this article is drawn to the fact that market power of the consumers of health services in Russian public healthcare depends on the population income and on the limited capacity to do appropriate choice, as well as on the actions of health insurance companies and the other entities which are clients of certain amounts of medical care. The article notes that the nature of competition will be manifested in different ways depending on the targeted purposes of the medical organizations. Competitive advantages for healthcare organizations could besuch factors as new technologies, new equipment, availability of highly qualified personnel, and high level of diagnostic procedures. Particular importance in the price competition belongs to the cost structure of the medical organization in the provision of medical services. Analysis of the processes which are taking place in the regional health care shows that the restructuring of the health care market will inevitably lead to the significant monopolization, and pressure from the patients to the healthcare providers will not becons ideredas a significant factor of development within the next few years.
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Keywords: competition, market of medical services, modernization of public health service.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2016-9-1-112-117

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