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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

Number 4(23)

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UDC 338.242, 37.033

The impact of ecological literacy in the effectiveness and efficiency of the state strategic management of territories

Zlochevsky I.A. , Buletova N.E.

A new theoretical paradigm of development of states, regions, requires justification of the ontological component and methodological support its content and implementation, based on the revival of political economy and its alliance with the new direction of institutionalism - ecological institutionalism requires a new look not only at the state's role in the management of the development process, but also to justify the directions of transformation of forms and methods of strategic management with a focus on the ideological component of management and its functions and the implementation of the program of ecological literacy. Only a systematic approach to the implementation capacity of the state in strategic management area allows you to count on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the methods used and the method of administration. The main result of the study is to determine the possibilities of ecological awareness through the function of ideology and functions of the state strategic management (SSM) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management of development of the territory of any scale. The main findings of the review should include the following topics: ontological and methodological foundations of the paradigm of sustainable development and the economy need to bring them into line with the national institutional matrix and the best ways to transform the basic economic, political, and most importantly - ideological institutions; Ideology as an institution, its functions affect the content and the result of the implementation of strategic management functions of the state; detailing the contents of the effectiveness and efficiency of SSM territories, the authors propose a differentiated approach to the evaluation system SSM on scales assessing the effectiveness and efficiency; the impact of ecological awareness on the effectiveness and efficiency of SSM has different areas of implementation, namely: - For performance - strength and ways to influence the human resource, the quality, the system of motivation, management interests and behavior, in this case, a state program of ecological awareness and to develop a road map for its implementation at the level of individual regions of the state - the main way managed by the State human exposure; - For efficiency - to optimize revenues and expenditures of the state of strategic management while maintaining high targets for the development of territories and raising the profile and impact of the ideological component of the national institutional matrix of Russia, which is necessary for the success of the implementation of the foundations of the paradigm of a sustainable economy.
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Keywords: ecological institutionalism, institutional matrix, the function of ideology, strategic management functions of the state program of ecological literacy, ecological literacy roadmap.

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