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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

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Modern ICT development: economic and social aspects

Shestakova I.G.

This article focuses on the socio-economic development of contemporary information communications. In addition to the incredible speed of development of science and technology, approximating planning horizons and, consequently, affecting the vision of development, modern society was in a situation where today everything has changed radically. The author shows that the current generation has witnessed the transfer into the virtual space of many aspects of human existence from the communication and entertainment to education, health and social services, in particular the processes of globalization, virtualization, and influence on the economy. Despite the fact that the development of the means of info-communications accelerates globalization, the article states that it is the development of infocommunications plays in the process of globalization and the opposite role, turning the trend associated with the redistribution of human capital: by giving the opportunity to work for a company located anywhere in the world, living on his native land and thus preserve their traditions, culture and their roots, their ethnicity. A special aspect of the development of info-communications is the emergence of a situation in which high economic performance can be achieved with incredible ease. However, this facility is only possible to create a software product / service, as in the case of production we encounter challenges that require solutions at the state level.
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Keywords: economics, planning horizon, information and communication technology, start-up, Facebook, human capital, ICT, the rate of development, globalization, virtual economy.

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