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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

Number 4(23)

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UDC 338.222

Modernization of training manager as an important step towards economic prosperity Russia

Malyavko D.P., Kolotilin A.V.

Recent economic developments in Russia and in the world more and more complicated every year. Global economic competition takes on an unprecedented scale, as the coverage areas as well as the internal content. New global conditions and international Challe-you, who are forced to deal with the Russian Fed-eration, entail the vital importance of an active and widespread implementation of the latest technologies in various areas of economic zhiznede yours elf-state and society. Among these technologies should be pointed tit-new technology training managers how universal councils-Lenz in various areas of public life, which boo-duschem will be called upon to make a valuable contribution to the eco-nomic well-being and prosperity of our country. The widespread and broad introduction to the educational system of innovative learning technologies, in turn, will make it possible to produce the modernized Russian universities and highly skilled professionals, armed with a serious and complex system of professional knowledge and skills. Upgrading the system for training managers, no doubt, will entail serious modernization of the Russian economy, the use of new management methods in its particular areas. These actions will ensure Russia a worthy place among the industrialized nations of the world for many years.
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Keywords: Russian Federation; higher professional education; manager; innovative technologies; modernization; development of distance learning; the modern economy of the state; science and technology; economic well-being of Russia.

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