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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

Number 4(23)

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UDC 338:37

Organization of high school technologies transfer in the russian industry

Prihodko R.V.

Article touches on an actual for our country problem of a low extent of introduction of technologies and the know-how, received as a result of high school R&D, in the domestic industry. The author sees in it the reason of insufficient competitiveness of the Russian industrial goods in the world market. In Russia is still insufficiently done in order to solve this problem. Difficulties which interfere with a successful transfer of high school technologies, are in detail considered in article. Besides, in the article definition of a technology transfer is given, characteristic of activity of the Russian network of a technology transfer and some organizational forms of a transfer of high school technologies in Russia and the USA are presented. Also components of innovative infrastructure of the higher school are listed. The conclusion is drawn that without awareness by the state of priority value of introduction of high school technologies in the domestic industry and formations of the state industrial policy aimed at active involvement of higher education institutions to process of "new industrialization", the Russian economy won't be able to occupy a worthy place in the world market of goods and services.
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Keywords: new industrialization, technology transfer.

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