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September 2015 (published: 14.09.2015)

Number 3(22)

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UDC 65

Continuum Group and Team organization in the modern enterprise

Kovalenko B.B.

The article presents the results of a study the benefits of working in a team of employees as part of the functioning of the traditional groups representing linear and functional departments of enterprise organizations. However, the way the team is not reduced to the ideal form of implementation of the strategy and policy of the organization. Groups and teams in the organization are not opposed, and are not considered as opposite forms of organization. In contrast, groups and teams are presented as complementary aspects of a single continuum of organizational structure of the modern enterprise. It has been shown that working in groups and teams in spite of the quantitative and qualitative differences, enables the integration of individual elements of the organization together and create an environment of psychological adjustment of people as a result of which employees start to feel not just executing tasks, and like-minded people who are covered by a gust of command repetition a common goal. Following this concept, the author focuses on the problems of the distribution of group and team work in the organization; new content leadership teams; identify the factors that allow to make a choice in favor of the group and / or team work; development and implementation of institutional arrangements for the creation and development of conditions of teamwork; distribution of the benefits of teamwork on the types of different teams; characteristics of the different stages of formation of teams and obtain the necessary skills actors teamwork in business organizations
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Keywords: group, team, group features and teamwork, the process of formation of working teams, types of teams, the stage of development of team work, the integration teams, self-management in teams.

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