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June 2015 (published: 01.06.2015)

Number 2(21)

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UDC 338

The concept of social entrepreneurship and the distinctive features of social entrepreneurs

Makarchenko M.A., Antonov A.A.

In this article the authors examine the concept and characteristics of social entrepreneurship. It is noted that social entrepreneurship is a combination of a business approach to the implementation of economic activity and the desire to fulfill a specific social mission. Emphasizes the close relationship of social entrepreneurship and innovative activities, as these activities stand as the most effective possibility of realization of social projects. Further, the authors analyze the existing definitions of the term "social entrepreneur." Based on the analysis the most complete definition, as well as given the distinctive features of social entrepreneurship from other forms of activity. Also the personal characteristics of business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs from the scientific literature are comparing. The unique characteristics and common characteristics , which can be found with high probability in both types of entrepreneurs are allocated.We consider the organizational culture of social enterprise, and put forward demands to it. On the basis of these requirements is determined by the most suitable for the type of social enterprise organizational culture of the proposed four classic types. Next, the authors examine the reasons for selecting employees for social entrepreneurship as a perspective for employment. So, the most appropriate psycho for such employees areidentified.
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Keywords: social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur, innovation management, human resource management, motivation, psychological characteristics.

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