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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

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UDC 614.8

The problem of clearance and disposal of radioactive waste

Markitanova L.I.

The article analyses the main problems arising from the disposal, recycling and disposing of radioactive waste. The problem of utilization and the disposal of radioactive waste of nuclear power plants is becoming particularly relevant at the present time, when the conditions require the dismantling of most of the nuclear power plants in the world (more than 65 reactors and 260 reactors used for research purposes). Every sixth reactor operates in the Russian fuel and thus spent nuclear fuel from these nuclear power plants is returned to the Russian Federation. In the world, operating more than 436 nuclear reactors. NPP produce more than 17% of all electricity. The total amount accumulated in the world spent nuclear fuel exceeds 200 thousand tons. Design, construction and operation of the radiochemical plant for processing and storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste is economically feasible only for independent State with advanced nuclear energy, which owns the relevant technologies and highly qualified personnel. Currently, radiochemical plants operate in Russia, France and the UK. United States adhere to the pending decision, preferring to preserve the spent nuclear fuel in special storage facilities, in the future, either to reprocessing or to final disposal. The United States supplied nuclear fuel to other countries is not returned for recycling in the United States, therefore, the problem of the disposal of entire States importers. Discusses methods for recycling and disposal radioactive waste which implemented in the nuclear industry of Russia. Describes the theoretical and practical solutions for processing of radioactive waste. Classified liquid and solid radioactive waste. Lists the storage of radioactive waste and recycling plants.
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Keywords: radioactive substances, radioactive pollution, disposal of radioactive waste, clearance, disposal problems.

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