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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

Number 1(20)

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Traditional approach to essence and the role of real and financial sectors of economy

Zueva O.A.

Traditional approach to essence of real and financial sectors of economy where the leading part is assigned to real sector as which understand the production sphere is presented in article. Views of scientific XIX-XXI centuries (Wilson, Bedzhgot, Virt, Gilferding, Dzhevons, Zhyuglar, Marx, Riccardo, Tuk, Seius, Sismondi, Evans, Katasonov, Kautsky, Lenin, Manuylov, Tougan-Baranovsky, Chuprov, etc.) are presented through the theory of reproduction and the capital. Part of modern scientists (Strendzh, Minsk, Chick, Emunds, Tsinn, Altfater, Guttman, Katasonov, etc.) note growth of huge financial sector. Positions of the author coincide with Marx, Hesse's views, Braash, Tobin, Stiglitz, Heine, Herr, Titmeyera Burlachkova, Navoi, etc. The real sector has to play the defining role as without reproduction of food and clothes the mankind can't exist. It is necessary maintenance of employment, national and economic security of the country. However, the role of financial sector was transformed: not only for the benefit of real sector, but also interests of the capital.
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Keywords: methodological approach, real sector, financial sector, interrelation of sectors of economy, financial crisis.

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