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2014 (published: 15.09.2014)

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Cost methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s management

Nazarova V.V., Birukova D.S.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in Value-based (VB) financial performance measures as a new measurement approach which improved over traditional method. It based on an unequivocal and exact metric – value – whereon an entire organization can be built. Value Creation has become a major issue for enterprise management. Value Based Management (VBM) covers all levels of company so as to improve a process of decision-making and to make the best solution. There are some approaches belong to the VBM. All this approaches are also different in estimation. Practical significance of the work lies in the fact that the main conclusions and recommendations contained in the article can be used by management companies when deciding on cost Management Company. In the article the basic methods of VBM-approach are considered, such as economic value added, cash value added, shareholders value added, cash flow return on investment. Also there is a comparative analysis of methods, based on different criteria.
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Keywords: Approaches to the assessment of the company; Value-Based Management, Economic value added, Cash value added, Shareholders value added, Cash flow return on investment.

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