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Hotel chains as the only effective form of organization of hotel business at the present stage of development of services

Malyushenkova E.D. , Morozova M.A.

Globalization leads to the fact that the world is virtually erased international boundaries, strengthening the links between companies in different countries and on different continents, opening up unprecedented opportunities for the hoteliers. Oversupply hotel markets specific areas has forced companies to expand the scope of activities to cover new markets. It is at present particularly acute question of what to preserve their position in the market, the only way for individuals and small local businesses is either joining the existing network Hospitality association or independent aggressive expansion not only local but also global. Travelers when choosing accommodation facilities are repelled from the standardization of concepts of comfort, safety and the most favorable from a financial point of view of supply, which greatly highlights the international hotel chains, familiar to the consumer, as well as having the opportunity to reduce the price of accommodation due to the mass of its market before national companies offering unknown product, does not guarantee value for money. The authors argued represent the idea of ​​network forms of organization of the hotel business as the only effective at the present stage of development of services, as well as produce an analysis of possible options to expand hotel business within the networking business structure.
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Keywords: services, effective form of organization of the hotel business, enterprise network, hotel business chains, formation and development of hotel chains, management of the process of formation and development, franchising, contract management, internationalization, investment.

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