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June 2024 (published: 06.06.2024)

Number 2(57)

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UDC 336.02; 336.143

The problem of the Federal budget deficit and tax mechanisms for resource provision of economic development

Chernov V.A.

In the context of the aggravation of international relations, the Russian economy is faced with the problem of budget deficit, overcoming which, when fulfilling the most significant areas of public financing, becomes a necessary condition for maintaining the stability of the economy, which determines the relevance of the study, especially when the purpose of geopolitical aggression is to deplete the Russian economy. Methodological approaches based on the dialectical logic of statistical methods, data from the Ministry of Finance and budget forecasts, and descriptive analysis have revealed key contradictions that hinder the strategic innovative sustainable development of the Russian economy and ways to resolve them based on the fundamental laws of market development, the most vulnerable components in federal budget management and tax administration in terms of deficit coverage and infrastructural support for sustainable innovation development. The problem of the budget system, which arose as a result of international confrontation and defense needs, is investigated. It is not possible to solve the problem without infrastructure support. The author considers the components of the systemic support of the economy with financial instruments. The advantages and disadvantages of the current tax policy are noted and suggestions are made to improve the effectiveness of state support. The key elements of tax regulation to ensure the stability of the country's budget system in the face of increasing risks and threats have been identified. In the content of a number of scientific publications, government measures and Federal projects in the budgetary and tax spheres, the author noted the insufficient identification of key elements of tax regulation that contribute to increasing the revenue side of the budget while preventing an increase in prices for fuel and raw materials resources within the country, increasing the competitive advantages of Russian manufacturers. The priorities in the choice of tax policy instruments have been identified, contributing to the activation of Russia's main advantage – the level of provision with natural resources. In this direction, new opportunities are opening up to reduce the budget deficit, increase the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the Russian economy.
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Keywords: federal budget deficit; revenue and expenditure structure; draft Federal budget; sources of budget replenishment; tax policy; fuel and raw materials dependence; competitive advantages.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2024-17-2-48-57

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