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March 2021 (published: 02.03.2021)

Number 1(44)

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UDC 338

Application of foreign experience in assessing the standardization system in russian practice

Aleksashkina E.I., Shpakovich D.K., Matersheva V.V. , Martynenko O.V.

The article analyzes the methods of assessing the system of standardization of foreign countries. The experience of the United States of America in the development of standardization is analyzed in detail. In Germany, the information provided on the standardization committees is minimal. In France, information on industry standardization bureaus is not centrally published, however, individual industry bureaus' websites contain individualized reports and mainly contain information on action plans. The study of the world practice of using the indicators of the standardization system shows that in most industrialized countries of the world standardization systems consist of two main elements - thematic organizations for the development and consideration of projects of individual groups of standards, and managing or coordinating organizations. The relationship between them is different, which determines the degree of centralization of the standardization system. An analysis of the reporting of standardization documents showed that some of them focus on financial reporting, while other organizations provide more detailed data on the work carried out directly related to standardization activities.
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Keywords: standardization, potential of the standardization system, technical committees.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-1-103-112

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