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March 2021 (published: 02.03.2021)

Number 1(44)

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UDC 338

Economic and environmental aspects of resource saving

Negreeva V.V., Kochegarova T.S., Filimonova A.V. , Tcimbalist-Kolesnikova I.A.

The main economic and environmental aspects are largely related to renewable energy sources. The global problems of mankind require new solutions in the field of resource conservation and resource provision of economic entities. The introduction of innovative technologies into the resource-saving management system allows for a flexible transition to cyclical and "green" forms of the economy. The article presents the stages of the conceptual development of resource conservation. Models are studied, the characteristics of which are aimed at reducing resource consumption. The authors focus on their extensive, intensive and innovative development. The relevance of studying the issue of rational resource conservation lies in the trend of constant growth in consumption, and, consequently, production. The increase in production volumes leads to excessive consumption of resources, which negatively affects both the economic condition of the enterprise and the environmental aspect. The paper studies the concepts of the evolutionary development of resource conservation. The transition to the use of renewable energy sources is studied, the classification of biofuel technologies is summarized and presented. The advantages and disadvantages of using biofuel in the resource-saving system have been identified. The factors influencing the effective cultivation of biofuel crops and negatively affecting the overall ecosystem have been identified. The industrial development of renewable energy sources (RES) enables countries to plan and develop various models of waste-free production. Respect for the use of natural resources, accurate calculation will help preserve the environment.
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Keywords: resource conservation, biofuels, biocultures, sustainable development, biofuel technologies.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-1-94-102

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