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March 2021 (published: 02.03.2021)

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UDC 338

Design thinking in business strategies of corporations

Shchetinina E.A.

This article explores and clarifies the concept and essence of design thinking, analyzes the ways and features of the application of this approach in modern business, when building sustainable business strategies for corporations. The use of design thinking as a methodology for companies' search for competitive advantages and as a driver of innovation in today’s turbulent business environment, characterized by the limited usefulness and applicability of yesterday's strategies and methods of their construction, has been substantiated. The author has reviewed and commented on the stages of the design thinking process according to the model of the Stanford Institute of Design. The analysis of examples of the application of design thinking in the practice of certain modern world corporations, demonstrating the variety of directions and forms of implementation of the approach has been carried out. It has been established that the unifying element here is customer-centricity, the desire of companies to obtain deep empirical information about their consumers and the design of solutions that meet the identified requirements as much as possible, and sometimes anticipate them. As a rule, these solutions are characterized by a high degree of novelty, uniqueness and efficiency. Conclusions are made about the range of opportunities that this approach provides to understanding, revising and strategic management of a business. It was determined that the key task of design thinking for business is to provide innovative solutions that cannot be directly copied by competitors and are personalized for a specific company. Thus, a company can achieve a competitive advantage of the highest range, which allows it to build an effective business strategy even in a changing external environment, to win the competitive race. As a result of the work done, it was confirmed that the design thinking is appropriate for use in the development of sustainable and successful business strategies of modern corporations.
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Keywords: design thinking, strategy, business, corporation, customer centricity, competitive advantage, innovation, personalized innovation.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-1-85-93

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