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December 2020 (published: 17.12.2020)

Number 4(43)

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UDC 330.3; 336.7

Economic and managerial aspects of financial technology implementation

Nikiforova V.D., Nikiforov A.A., Viktorova V.A.

The article analyzes trends in the introduction of financial technologies in various areas of the financial market. Special attention is paid to the factors of restraining digital transformation, which acts as a multidimensional phenomenon that affects not only the financial market, but also many socio-economic processes in the country. As the expansion of the use of financial technologies becomes more and more widespread, the issues of institutional support for digitalization, including regulatory and legal regulation, and the formation of new economic thinking among the population, are becoming more relevant. Based on the analysis of the content of the concepts of "algorithmic trust", replacing the content of the concept of responsibility with "technical obligation" in the form of programmed code, the possibilities of creating conditions for reducing the level of manipulation and corruption are determined. The approach to the research from the position of actuarial network theory allowed us to reveal the issues of interaction between users and software complexes as resultant units of socio-economic relations. For a more successful implementation of the national program of the digital economy of the Russian Federation, it is important to ensure the security of transactions, protect user data and consumer rights, make a clearer legal distinction between "smart" contracts and civil contracts, recognize mining as an economic activity and introduce its licensing, develop the system of financial education of citizens, etc.
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Keywords: financial technologies, algorithmic trust, legal regulation of responsibility, financial literacy.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-4-99-105

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