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December 2020 (published: 17.12.2020)

Number 4(43)

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About the economic efficiency of heat network reconstruction technologies

Zaedinov A.V. , Gagulina N.L.

The increase in the number of accidents exacerbates the problems of ensuring the reliable and uninterrupted operation of heating networks. It also forces us to look for new, more cost-effective technologies for the reconstruction of these heating networks. This article analyses the effectiveness of alternative methods for restoring the internal surface of the heat network’s pipelines with subsequent maintenance in working condition for up to 50 years on the example of a network section with a length of 1 kilometer and a diameter of 1200 mm. The first method is to dismantle and completely replace a section of the pipeline, with a service life of more than 25 years, without conducting any preliminary surveys. The second method involves conducting in-line diagnostics of an outdated section using a robotic system, followed by the local elimination of detected defects. The third method, which is still innovative for Russia, is the rehabilitation of the pipeline. There are several methods of debridement. This paper particularly refers to the application of a special protective coating on the inner surface of the pipeline. For the proposed options, in the conditions corresponding to the city of Saint Petersburg, an assessment of economic indicators was performed. All cases were considered as investment projects, and for the analysis and comparison of their economic efficiency, the net present value was mainly used, calculated based on investments in the project implementation and changes in the income of the heat supply organization when adopting a particular option. The purpose of the work is to compare and select the most cost-effective of the proposed projects. As a result of the analysis, the second option is considered to be the most attractive, since it is the least expensive.
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Keywords: heat supply, repair of heating networks, net present value, economic efficiency, economic effect.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-4-59-69

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