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December 2020 (published: 17.12.2020)

Number 4(43)

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UDC 656.078

Analysis of technical and economic indicators of transport systems mining and processing complexes

Treiman M.G. , Kopanskaj A.A.

The subject of the article is the transport systems of mining plants and the study of their technical and economic indicators. The main technological processes of ore extraction and transportation are highlighted, such as preparation of rock mass for excavation, loading of rock mass, its transportation, dump formation and transportation of processing plant waste. A brief description of these processes is given and the applied means of mechanization that make up the entire transport system of enterprises are described. The article deals with seven mining enterprises specializing in the extraction of ferrous and iron-containing ores, with a capacity from 13 to 58 million tons / year. A comparative analysis of the volumes of extracted ore and overburden, ore losses, drilling volumes, volumes and types of ore transportation from the faces was carried out; a comparative analysis of the technical and economic indicators of the main types of equipment: excavators, dump trucks, railway transport. Based on the results of the analysis, it is concluded that many indicators of the mining complex depend primarily on the mining and geological conditions of natural resources and their location. These conditions also dictate the creation of an optimal and unique transport system for each field separately. In conclusion, measures to improve transport systems are outlined, highlighted in the following points: replacement of outdated equipment and technologies, digitalization of production, financial investments, greening of transport, application of state regulation, solutions to the personnel issue.
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Keywords: mining activity, economic indicators, analysis of technical and economic indicators, GOK.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-4-17-28

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