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March 2019 (published: 27.03.2019)

Number 1(36)

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The main problems on the way of introduction of environmental management in the Russian Federation

Burdonov A.E., Shpakov A.S.

This article is devoted to the construction of an effectively functioning environmental management system at the enterprises of the Russian Federation and, in particular, the Irkutsk region.The aim of the study the question was posed of identifying the reasons for poor performance and unpopularity of the system of ISO 14001 at the enterprises of Irkutsk region. Earlier in this area, work has already been carried out on the problem of assessing the economic efficiency of the implementation of environmental management system in the enterprise. This article also addresses the issue of efficiency from an organizational point of view. During the search and study of the literature it was noted that on this subject in the country and especially in the region there is a very limited amount of useful information for practical application, reports on the successful functioning of a particular EMS. As a result of the analysis, two main reasons were suggested. The first reason is the low level of public awareness of the appointment and functions of environmental management, especially in comparison with European colleagues. Associated with the first, the second reason — the established practice of "formal" implementation of environmental management systems of the enterprise, with the establishment of priority on compliance with the requirements for documentation necessary for the certification process. As the main problem standing in the way of effective implementation and functioning of the environmental management system, this article indicates a superficial attitude to the construction of the enterprise SEM, the use of only General and template approaches of the ISO 14001 standard, without taking into account regional and industry characteristics and in General the lack of a culture of understanding of the need to maintain a practical environmental management system of the organization. According to the results of the study, it is expected to develop at the intersection of educational and industrial spheres such activities as a phased and detailed introduction of the philosophy of environmental management of the enterprise, taking into account its specific features (regional, sectoral features), aimed at building a real functioning system, and not only the passage of the certification process.
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Keywords: ISO 14001, environmental management System, Effective implementation, Environmental management, Conformitycertificate, Environmental impact, Standardization

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-1-154-162

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