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June 2018 (published: 21.06.2018)

Number 2(33)

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UDC 338.001.36

Rating score of balanced development of the Central federal district federal subjects

Babkova E.G. , Panakhov A.U.

A systematic approach to socioeconomic development is reflected in the concept of balanced development in the modern economy, emphasizing the multifaceted development of states, enterprises and regions. The application of this approach leads to the dissemination of appropriate tools for assessing both the dynamics and the achieved level of development of socio-economic systems. In the article, the methodology of the of balanced development level assessing of the regions, consisting of five stages, have been developed on the materials of the Central Federal District. At the first stage, the selection of initial data characterizing various aspects of economic development in the regions under study is performed; at the second stage complex characteristics that integrate the private indicators of the studied development aspects are calculated; at the third stage, a comparable assessment of the regions is carried out in the context of each indicator; at the fourth stage, an integrated rating assessment of their socio-economic development level is calculated, subsequently at the fifth stage it is possible to identify common patterns of development based on the interrelation of various factors and their impact on the rating score. As a result of the research, a rating of regions with different characteristics of balanced development, from the Moscow city and the Belgorod region to the Bryansk region and Ivanovo region, was compiled. The study showed that the greatest influence on the region balanced development level is mainly provided by production activity, while the more developed regions actively involve labor and investment resources in production activities, and also show greater innovative activity, while other aspects of regional development (including environmental) are not in a comparably related relationship.
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Keywords: socio-economic systems, regional economics, socio-economic development, balanced development, comparative analysis, rating score.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2018-11-2-19-27

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