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September 2017 (published: 29.09.2017)

Number 3(30)

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UDC 658.786

Research on improvement of warehouse activity of pharmaceutical firm

Negreeva V.V., Skobeleva T.V.

In article the organization of work of a warehouse is studied, technological process in a warehouse, key logistic operations is described, indicators of evaluation of the work of a warehouse are given. Competently organized logistic process in a warehouse serves as an element of competitive advantage of the company therefore it is important to pay enough attention to development of warehouse economy in the company. As an object of a research "NTFF POLISAN" - pharmaceutical firm of St. Petersburg acts. The purpose of article consists in disclosure of theoretical approaches in the organizations of warehouse activity and also studying of activity of warehouse economy at the "NTFF POLISAN" enterprise and development of offers on her improvement. In a research the analysis of activity of "NTFF POLISAN" which has shown that the enterprise takes rather steady positions in the market of pharmaceutical production in St. Petersburg is carried out, the prospects of development are considered. The enterprise has own warehouse complex of 9497,6 sq.m today and in the nearest future plans to increase warehouse spaces, due to construction of the third plant and extension of the product range, after signing of the contract with Bayer in 2015 and receiving investments of 3 billion rubles by construction of the plant and a warehouse complex. As a way of improvement of work of a warehouse it was offered to introduce gravitational rack systems which increase warehouse capacity on 1345 pallet. For optimization of the movement of the cargo handling equipment it is offered to put a floor marking. It is also offered to pass to more modern system of automation of a warehouse "1C Logistics: Management of a warehouse 3.1" Effect of introduction of this system: increase in labor productivity; reduction of quantity of mistakes; reduction of dependence on "a human factor".
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Keywords: a warehouse, optimization, logistics, the WMS system, technological process in a warehouse.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2017-10-3-20-29

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