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June 2014 (published: 11.06.2014)

Number 2(17)

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Scientific and technological progress: the beginning of a new geography

Shestakova I.G.

In this article the author examines the question: does civilization "kill" the relation of man to the natural environment, and why humanity is trying so hard to live at these the “terrible" points on the Earth called "cities", as well as is concentration of people in urban areas at present stage of development civilization detrimental to nature. Pointing to the aspiration of people to live in specific points on the planet, the author compares the attraction of people to the cities with gravitation of the planets of the solar system. The article also analyzes the impact of the scientific and technological progress to this trend. At the present stage the rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies has most influence. Turning to the problem of ecology, the author comes to the conclusion that the concentration of people in cities, temporarily destroying the environment will contribute to its recovery in deserted areas. According to him the situation gives us a unique opportunity to revive the virginity of nature, thus solving the environmental problem in the vast territory of the planet.
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Keywords: ecology, scientific and technological progress, info-communication, megalopolis, critical point, the concentration of people.

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