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December 2020 (published: 17.12.2020)

Number 4(43)

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Identification and assessment of environmental risks for oil and gas service companies Sergeeva I.G., Skhab N.A.

pp. 3-10

Improvement of financial planning of the oil and gas industry under the pandemic Degtereva V.A.

pp. 11-16

Analysis of technical and economic indicators of transport systems mining and processing complexes Treiman M.G. , Kopanskaj A.A.

pp. 17-28

Methodological aspects of the analysis of performance and assessment of the financial condition of business entities Maslich Е.А.

pp. 29-41

Forecasting the trend dynamics of the stock market based on macroeconomic factors using a diffuse index Vakhrushev I.A.

pp. 42-46

Model of temporary alignment of indicators: concept, mathematical formalization and scope of application Lisitsa M.I.

pp. 47-58

About the economic efficiency of heat network reconstruction technologies Zaedinov A.V. , Gagulina N.L.

pp. 59-69

Description of risks in regulation of business processes Mishura L.G. , Vasilieva Yu.V. , Abduraimova N.O.

pp. 70-77

pp. 70-77

Management. Environmental management

Automation in risk management Varlamova D.V. , Dolzhenkova A.V. , Korochkina S.V.

pp. 78-86

Features and problems of managing the spatial integration of the economy of the European North of Russia Kozhevnikov S.A. , Patrakova S.S.

pp. 87-98

Economic and managerial aspects of financial technology implementation Nikiforova V.D., Nikiforov A.A., Viktorova V.A.

pp. 99-105

Risks of natural monopolies in the context of the implementation of antimonopoly policy in modern Russia Smolenskaya S.V. , Kalyadina R.A.

pp. 106-112

New challenges to anti-crisis governance in the conditions of the pandemic Vasilenok V.L., Aleksashkina E.I., Negreeva V.V., Chaika V.N.

pp. 113-124

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