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March 2022 (published: 14.03.2022)

Number 1(48)

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The systematic approach as a key methodological approache for researching of the phenomenon of the Russian economy in the context of transformation

Zueva O.A., Zuev R.S.

The theoretical approaches testify to the division of the economy into the real and financial sectors based on the priority of the real sector in the development of the economy and the interconnections of the sectors under consideration within the framework of the traditional views of domestic and foreign scientists and the hegemony of the financial sector and the separation of the studied sectors within the new approach. The authors believe: the systematic approach allows the comprehensive consideration of the identified issues. The methodological approaches make it possible to separate and use different ways of understanding the economy. Justification of the priority of the systemic approach as the main component of the study of the economy and its subsystems is carried out on the theory of reproduction, capital, investment and innovation. Various research tasks are analyzed: the essence and properties of the economy; the nature of the linkages of sectors; the role of investments in these sectors. There are two main positions of Western scientists: 1) sectsors of the economy provide the integrity of the system (J. M. Keynes, H. F. Minsky, J. Tobin); 2) the sectors do not depend on each other in the system (T. Pally). Domestic economists represent the versatility of the economy (I.D. Afanasenko, D.Yu. Miropolsky). The authors investigate the economy of Russia as a system based on principles, where the economic system is an internal subsystem. Features: the perception of the economic system as a whole and as divided into sectors within the framework of a two-sector model, which can be expanded by strengthening the role of the state subsector, in particular, financial support for the traditional and innovative subsector, incl. radiolacation. New original scientific approach: sectors are internal subsystems of the economy. The property of the system as a whole is transferred to a part of the system and vice versa: this is unity in a multitude. The actual state is the presence of an unjustified gap between the sectors and partly the interconnections between them, which requires a policy of shock therapy. For Russia, it is important to revive the primary production principle of the real sector. The features of the system approach as a fundamental approach presents the essential characteristics of the national economy of Russia, as well as the real and financial sectors on the basis of a modern systematic approach in the context of digitalization, the effective functioning of which determines the GDP, NR and innovative potential.
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Keywords: systematic approach, methodological approach, national economy, real sector, financial sector.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-15-3-15

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