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June 2021 (published: 19.05.2021)

Number 2(45)

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The influence of digital technologies on the formation of competitive advantages of the real and financial sectors of the Russian economy

Zueva O.A., Zuev R.S.

There is no single approach to considering digitalization based on the concept of the digital economy. The OECD associates the digital economy with standard industry classifications, in the UK and the USA, the production of goods is taken into account when collecting, dislocating and processing information by electronic means. In Russia, digital data is the main factor of production. Domestic and foreign scientists study the digital economy taking into account the "fourth industrial revolution" and the "industrial internet of things" (A. Biichuk, V. Bondarenko), virtualization and digitalization (V. Ivanov, N. Negroponte). The authors associate digitalization with the structural transformation of the economy during the formation of interconnections between the real and financial sectors due to new digital technologies. This requires considering the impact of digital technologies on the studied sectors of the Russian economy. To achieve the goal of the study, general scientific methods and methods of system-structural, cybernetic and statistical data analysis, the theory of reproduction and innovation, domestic and foreign practical experience were used. The UN proves the direct dependence of the introduction of digital technologies and the existence of effective interconnections between sectors on the level of economic development of countries. With the use of digital additive technologies (3-D print), a significant transformation of the production in Russia of parts of complex configurations as waveguide elements is emphasized. Competitive advantages of agents, incl. ICT sectors are about profit and profitability, innovation potential, digital business models, etc. IT-systems are important elements of interconnection of sectors of the Russian economy. The role of the digital economy in Russia is seen in the growth of economic efficiency based on the informatization of most of the processes and the use of digital and additive technologies for data processing, which will lead to an increase in innovative potential, quality of service and access to new markets and new customers of different entities. This is achievable when creating a system of interconnections of the studied sectors in Russia with the activation of the organizational and innovative mechanism of interconnection of sectors.
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Keywords: digitalization, digital economy, competitive advantages, digital technologies, additive technologies, real sector, financial sector.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-2-97-106

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