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December 2020 (published: 17.12.2020)

Number 4(43)

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Automation in risk management

Varlamova D.V. , Dolzhenkova A.V. , Korochkina S.V.

Management systems in our time have become an integral part of enterprises and a set of measures for their management. Most of the major and leading companies have implemented not only the quality management system, but also an environmental management system, information security management system, as well as the various sectoral management systems. In the process of developing quality management systems, risk management is becoming an increasingly important part, ensuring the effectiveness of management systems in enterprises. The main purpose of the study is to develop recommendations for the risk management process and to offer possible tools for automating the process at the current stage of development of the organization. The subject of the study is the automation of risk management as a process to ensure product quality. The object of research is a confectionery company for the production of chocolates. The study uses such research methods as interviewing production personnel, a diagram of cause and effect relationships, a register of risk and a risk map. The methodological basis of the study is IEC 31010:2019 Risk management - Risk assessment methods. The study emphasizes the future development of enterprises and the active introduction of innovations to automate familiar processes and procedures that are performed manually. The study suggests as an alternative to ready-made automation software solutions, a gradual transition to automation by using tools available to the enterprise. Recommendations are given on the implementation and development of risk management on the example of one of the risks under consideration. As a result of the study, a general picture is formed of what risk management at the facility in question can look like, where at the moment there is no real risk management process. This study was carried out as part of the research project No. 618279 "Methods and tools of innovative and entrepreneurial activity in the digital economy."
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Keywords: risk management, quality management, automation of business processes, confectionery industry, management systems.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-4-78-86

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