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September 2019 (published: 26.09.2019)

Number 3(38)

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UDC 330.101.541

Traditional and new methods of formation of interrelations of real and financial sectors of economy of Russia on an innovative basis

Zueva O.A.

Introduction: The need to develop a research methodology and systematization of methods for the formation of relationships between the real and financial sectors, scientific and high-tech subsectors is justified taking into account foreign and domestic experience based on the hypothesis of their separation in the Russian economy. The solution of the identified problems of separation of the studied sectors and subsectors of the Russian economy requires active government intervention at all levels in order to build innovative potential. The combined application and improvement by the state of traditional methods of direct, indirect and organizational and legal impact and the development of new methods of innovative and organizational action allows the formation of relationships between the sectors and subsectors of the economy under consideration. The problems of the effective application and development of the indicated methods are analyzed. For their effective use, it is necessary to take into account the action of the innovative mechanism. It includes mechanisms for financing and stimulating scientific research and development, search, development and implementation of innovations, commercialization of research results, etc. The insufficiency of attracting private capital to finance scientific research and development of scientific institutions, higher educational institutions, large, medium and small businesses requires not only growth in government investment, but also attracting various options for providing venture and bank capital. Measures have been proposed for adopting a bill to minimize the risk of creditors, the formation of a syndicated banking loan fund for innovative purposes, and the creation of a new banking product, “innovative credit. Alternative methods of creating interconnections of the studied sectors of the Russian economy in terms of informatization are ways of financing small businesses using financial technologies. The necessity of activating the mechanism of stimulating innovation and the use of traditional indirect methods of exposure, aimed at reducing tax payments associated with the amount of expenditure on research and technology. The results of copyright research on the basis of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics indicate problems with the commercialization of technologies. A model of effective technology transfer, ways of developing and reproducing human resources of scientific potential, and the need to create a single information space to stimulate demand for innovative products are proposed.
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Keywords: interconnection methods, real sector, financial sector, scientific subsector, high-tech subsector, national economy, national security, innovative mechanism, innovative potential.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-3-28-38

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