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March 2019 (published: 27.03.2019)

Number 1(36)

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UDC 504.064:330.15

The perspective of biofuel production on the base of energy crops. Economic and environmental aspects

Rodzkin A.I., Charnenak E.V. , Saevich K.F.

The efficient using of energy crops for biomass and biodiesel production requires the adequate and complex grounding. The goal of our research was economic and environmental assessment of energy crops production which are perspective for regions with moderate climate conditions, including rape for biodiesel, perennial natural grasses, short rotation coppice willow, straw of cereals. The prime cost of rape biodiesel was 1,08 USD per liter, that is in 54% higher to compare with ordinary diesel. Economic grounding and environmental impact analyses had been done on the base of Life Cycle Assessment method. Prime cost of energy unit obtained from willow wood was 1,64 USD per GJ that in 1,5 times higher to compare with natural grasses and in 1,8 times higher to compare with cereals straw. Environmental impact assessment showed that the biggest emission of greenhouse gases was connected with the rape cultivation and minimal with grasses cultivation. The positive environmental effect of biofuel production on the base of willow cultivation in compare with other energy crops was connected with high potential of trees for biological reclamation of soils.
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Keywords: energy crops, biofuel, environmental assessment, economic assessment, renewable energy.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-1-33-44

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