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March 2017 (published: 15.03.2017)

Number 1(28)

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UDC 330.341

The criteria and procedure for selection of investment projects in the hotel business

Kolesnikov A.M.

The present article considers the challenges of attraction of investments into one of the components of the tourism, which is hotel business. The issues of description of the structure and content of the sections of documentation on the characteristics of investment projects are analyzed. One of the most important criteria for competitive selection of projects is the evaluation of the economic efficiency of projects. This includes the financial indicators of the project, such as the discount rate, the payback period of the project, net present value, internal rate of return and profitability index. Social tasks are revealed as well and their analysis is given. Further the analysis algorithm of the stages of selection of investment projects is disclosed. The main stage is considered, which are areas of investment development in view of the study of the territory parameters. By analyzing the components of investment projects the basic financial and economic indicators and indicators for assessing the economic efficiency of investment projects are revealed. A special role is given to the examination of the projects presented as well as the analysis algorithm for selection of investment projects and its stages. Much attention is paid to the selection of the areas of investment development of the main factors and to the parameters of the development of each selected zone.
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Keywords: business, expenses, means, structure, project, investments, schedule, plan, borrower, income, quality, stimulation, indicators, standards, budget, prices, areas, problems, reconstructions, programs.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2017-10-1-53-60

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