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December 2014 (published: 09.12.2014)

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UDC 332

Food safety of Russia, play of agriculture in its providing

Minchenko L.V., Sokolova E.A.

At the present time there are some definitions of food safety as legal as definitions which Russian and foreign scientists have given. Agriculture is the foundation of providing of food safety in each country of the world. In the article there are criterions of providing of food safety in Russia and main principals of its reaching with the help of developing agriculture are depicted. Special attention in the article is paid to questions of joining of Russia to World Trade Organization. This joining is connected with threats to agriculture of our country. In the article there is the classification of threats appearing because of joining Russia to WTO which is created by the authors. There is also an analysis of social and economical situation in the country during this joining. The conclusion of our work is definition of the negative consequences for providing food safety because of entering Russian Federation in WTO.
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Keywords: food safety, Doctrine of food safety, agriculture, WTO.

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