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September 2017 (published: 29.09.2017)

Number 3(30)



Отраслевая структура малого и среднего предпринимательства в России Pinkovetskaia I.S.

The research urgency is caused by the implementation of the Federal strategy of development of small and medium entrepreneurship for the period up to 2030 year. The aim of the study was to determine the laws specific to the current sector structure of small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia. Objectives of the study: to establish the patterns characterizing the number of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs belonging to small and medium entrepreneurship, in different economic activities, the number of their employees, the change in the structure of entrepreneurship in five years, the definition of specific indicators number of employees per enterprise. Research methodology is based on the consideration of sets of entities that are generated on daily basis. During the research, a comparative analysis of the performance of small and medium businesses in 2015 and 2010 according to official statistics, based on solid observations of activities of small and medium-sized businesses. Defined industries in which small and medium-sized enterprises have received the greatest development. Proved the absence of significant structural shifts over the period from 2010 to 2015, both the number of enterprises and number of employees. The mean values of the number of employees per legal entity and individual entrepreneur operating in each of the 14 types of industries. Identified six core activities. The practical significance of research results is associated with the possibility of their use by departments of the regional administration, involved in formation of projects and programs of entrepreneurship development, as well as the monitoring activities of the entrepreneurial sector.

Методы идентификации инновационных рисков в деятельности малого предприятия Sergeeva I.G., Nekrasova O.A.

The purpose of the article is to develop a risk management system that takes into account the specifics of the innovative activity of a small enterprise, including the stages of identification, classification and evaluation of innovative risk. Innovative risk and innovative risk management system in a small enterprise are the main subjects of the research. The article analyzes the innovative risk at the small innovative enterprise "Center Multimedia 360", which is a typical representative of business entities of the IT sector. The main objectives of the study are to determine the specifics of innovative risks and risk factors in the activities of an innovative enterprise and to develop a model for identifying risks for building a risk management system in the activities of an innovative enterprise. The article uses a six-factor model of identification of innovative risk, which allows to identify the main risk-forming factors and evaluate their interaction. As a result of the study of six risk factors for small innovative enterprise, the risks of the enterprise were identified with the aim of building an innovative project risk management system.

Исследование по совершенствованию складской деятельности фармацевтической фирмы Negreeva V.V., Skobeleva T.V.

In article the organization of work of a warehouse is studied, technological process in a warehouse, key logistic operations is described, indicators of evaluation of the work of a warehouse are given. Competently organized logistic process in a warehouse serves as an element of competitive advantage of the company therefore it is important to pay enough attention to development of warehouse economy in the company. As an object of a research "NTFF POLISAN" - pharmaceutical firm of St. Petersburg acts. The purpose of article consists in disclosure of theoretical approaches in the organizations of warehouse activity and also studying of activity of warehouse economy at the "NTFF POLISAN" enterprise and development of offers on her improvement. In a research the analysis of activity of "NTFF POLISAN" which has shown that the enterprise takes rather steady positions in the market of pharmaceutical production in St. Petersburg is carried out, the prospects of development are considered. The enterprise has own warehouse complex of 9497,6 sq.m today and in the nearest future plans to increase warehouse spaces, due to construction of the third plant and extension of the product range, after signing of the contract with Bayer in 2015 and receiving investments of 3 billion rubles by construction of the plant and a warehouse complex. As a way of improvement of work of a warehouse it was offered to introduce gravitational rack systems which increase warehouse capacity on 1345 pallet. For optimization of the movement of the cargo handling equipment it is offered to put a floor marking. It is also offered to pass to more modern system of automation of a warehouse "1C Logistics: Management of a warehouse 3.1" Effect of introduction of this system: increase in labor productivity; reduction of quantity of mistakes; reduction of dependence on "a human factor".

Management. Environmental management

Методология формирования и структурная модель системы стратегического менеджмента предприятия (на примере оператора сотовой связи) Kolesnikov A.M. , Kokodey T.A. , Fetisov A.V.

In this paper a formation methodology is proposed for an enterprise strategic management system based on the idea of mutual influence between environmental factors and an enterprise. The concept of an enterprise response on an influence of external and internal factors as the essence of its strategy is introduced. The necessity of applying the simultaneous equations model for finding a response complex of an enterprise for the influence of large groups of environmental factors is justified. Also, a structural model of the strategic enterprise management system is proposed and its main components are considered: blocks of goals, functions, tasks, management and system resources. The main functions and interrelationships of these blocks are determined. The purpose and objectives of the system's activities in the form of plan targets for the development of an integrated response (model strategies) and its implementation program are set in the external environment, as well as data on available resources, to the Management block which is intended to maintain the System Functions block at a given state, i.e. implementing the specified goal of the system.

Современные финансовые технологии торгово-логистической компании Vasilenok V.L., Gumenyuk A.A.

Financial technologies are still a little-studied economic category, although their first varieties appeared several centuries ago. With the increasing complexity of economic relations, the increased opportunities for redistribution of financial resources, and new opportunities for their use. Derivatives allow not only to use new options for investing funds, but also manage risks, which is most important from the point of view of rational investment. Making decisions aimed at achieving its goals, financial institutions simultaneously influence the money market, the foreign exchange market, the securities market and their derivatives.The Russian financial market, unfortunately, lags behind developed countries in terms of the level of development of innovative tools and technologies. Nevertheless, this creates additional incentives for Russian specialists to pay attention to modern financial technologies that can play an important role in the development of the Russian financial market and the economy as a whole. The use of various tools is constantly expanding and includes both traditional techniques and the latest methods. On the basis of how correctly this or that instrument will be chosen, the effectiveness of the company's performance as a whole will depend, ultimately.

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