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September 2022 (published: 27.09.2022)

Number 3(50)

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UDC 504.03

Sustainable economic development of socio-economic systems: regional aspect

Volkov A.R. , Afanassenkova A.V.

The concern of the population about the undermining of the ecological balance as a result of the desire for a lifestyle like in industrialized countries can be traced back to the early 1960s. As a result of the improvement and development of this issue, people have concluded that the balance of such components as ecology, economy and social component is dominant in solving economic issues. This balance is necessary not only within the framework of the global world economy, but also on the scale of the regions of a particular country. Using data from a survey of Russian companies from different industries, was shown how enterprises currently relate to the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in the corporate strategies of their organizations. A significant share of the top 3 barriers to the transition of enterprises to sustainable development is the lack of support from the government. The paper outlined the mechanisms of transition to a "green" economy, as well as financial support tools. Now, the financing of "green" projects is mainly carried out through public finances and bank loans. The example of St. Petersburg shows how the use of ESG strategies affects the sustainable development of companies and the region. In the rating of socio-economic development of Russian regions, St. Petersburg took second place in 2021, improving its position by 21 points compared to 2020, according to the rating agency RAEX. This suggests that the introduction of ESG principles in the socio-economic development of regions contributes to the well-being of the population both at the regional and national levels.
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Keywords: sustainable development, "green" economy, socio-economic development, ESG, sustainable development of enterprises.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-17-3-13-23

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