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June 2022 (published: 27.05.2022)

Number 2(49)

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Approaches to the use of digital twins by system integrators and robotics manufacturers

Leontieva I.N. , Burtsev D.S.

Relevance: digital twins are a new reality of the modern economy and an indisputable advantage of robotics suppliers. The aim of the work was to conduct a comparative analysis of approaches to the use of digital twins by two different types of robotics suppliers: system integrators and manufacturers, in order to identify their features and further recommendations for the introduction of the digital twin technology. The object of the study are robotics suppliers: manufacturers and system integrators directly. The subject of the study was the approaches of these enterprises to the use of digital doubles for the implementation of after-sales service of equipment. Data and methods: in the course of the study, methods of comparative analysis, systematization, expert survey, analysis of information sources were used. The expert survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire for specialists of relevant companies-suppliers of robots. A comparative analysis of the approaches of two different players in the robotics market showed both similar problems and distinctive features. Analysis of the results: the study revealed a broader approach among system integrators to the use of digital twins for after-sales service of robotics, due to the specifics of their activities: this is facilitated by an integrated approach to supplies, as well as the need to maintain a competitive advantage. The analysis of enterprises and industries where the introduction of digital twins, according to experts, is effective and expedient is also carried out. The study allowed us to confirm the hypothesis of significant differences in approaches to digital twins among integrators and robot manufacturers, but did not provide an answer regarding the algorithm for implementing this technology at different types of enterprises. Further work will be related to the development of recommendations for various organizations regarding the use of digital copies for after-sales service of robotics.
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Keywords: digital twin, robotics, robots, integrator, after-sales service.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-16-2-75-83

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