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March 2021 (published: 02.03.2021)

Number 1(44)

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UDC 338.23

Environmental management system as a tool for increasing human resources in an organization

Antonyuk E.A., Fridman M.F.

In connection with the strengthening of the tendency of the transition of the countries of the world community to a sustainable development strategy against the background of the deteriorating environmental situation, as well as based on the growth of consumer interest in environmentally friendly products, the coverage of enterprises and commercial organizations that voluntarily come to the eco-standardization of production and business processes in the company is growing. The eco-marker is currently acquiring the status of a competitive advantage not only in the end-product market, but also in the market of applicants, which leads the top management of companies to the following: standardization of the organization in the form of a change in the management process according to the principles of the environmental management system becomes a tool for development not only the final product of the company, but also to improve the level of human resources of the organization. The object of the research is the organization's personnel potential, the subject of the research is the environmental management system in the form of the implementation of the ISO 140001 standard. The following research methods were chosen: analysis, synthesis, generalization and classification, with the help of which the main goal of the study was achieved: to prove that the implementation of the standard ISO 140001 can be regarded as a tool for enhancing human resources in an organization. Ultimately, we proved that introducing an environmental management system into an organization using a commercial approach implies, among other things, training employees in EMS principles using one of the HRO improvement methods. In turn, this is also proof that the environmental management system helps not only to increase the prestige of the company and strengthen its position in the international market, but also to improve the internal environment of the company and increase the level of loyalty of the employees of the organization.
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Keywords: environmental management system (EMS), human resources of the organization, ISO 14001 standard, human resources management system, environmental management, tools for increasing the organization's human resources.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-1-70-75

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