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June 2020 (published: 19.06.2020)

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Improving business processes in the automotive industry as an innovative tool for transforming the economy

Degtereva V.A.

At the present stage of economic development a certain level of innovation characteristic of each production facility. Even if the company is not a leader on the innovative market, it needs to replace the old or recent technology and products. Innovation processes, application of new products and technologies are the basis for economic development. High economic growth where the development of high-tech industries motivates to improve the development of new methods of management of business processes, able to ensure the effectiveness of innovation and sustained economic growth. In recent years, the automotive industry in Russia was at a disadvantage, as the projected growth has been hampered and damaged by many negative factors. For the automotive industry and many related industries, it was particularly difficult last year. Business modeling allows you to identify «problem areas» in communication departments and individual employees, to further eliminate them using special platforms (e.g., Oracle BI), which are areas that slow down the communication process. Strategic planning and operational objectives necessary for the formation of business strategy to ensure the achievement of a number of procedures and solutions. Data and methods. The object of the study in the article are the business processes of the organization. The subject of research is the analysis of the automotive market and the organization of the process in the enterprise of automobile industry. The aim of this work is to study the sector of the automotive industry, existing business processes in the enterprise on the basis of existing theoretical and practical propositions, and development of recommendations to improve business processes on the example of enterprises in the sector of the automotive industry. The methodological basis of this research is business processes and monitor the effectiveness of their implementation. This article uses the theoretical research methods such as analysis, synthesis and abstraction, and empirical method of research, such as research information sources. Analysis of the results. The article describes the automobile industry market, the use by enterprises of the industry of innovative technologies. Based on these data, recommendations were made for changes in definition of business processes for more effective operation of companies in the automotive industry.
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Keywords: automotive industry, business processes, innovation, planning, optimization, it-technologies, strategy, digital economy.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-2-103-110

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