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June 2020 (published: 19.06.2020)

Number 2(41)

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UDC 336.663

Accounts Receivable Management in the Conditions of Economic Instability

Trofimov N.I. , Slukina V.V. , Medvedeva O.E.

The article raises the problem of accounts receivable of organizations during the period of instability of the economic condition of the country - the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus infection. This time is associated with a real need for deferring payment to customers and, often, with a deterioration in the payment discipline of counterparties, which leads to an increase in the share of doubtful and bad debts from creditor companies, that is, to an increase in the risk of a decrease in the solvency of the enterprise. With the help of competent management, companies can monitor the situation and take certain measures in a timely manner, depending on the status of settlements with debtors. The article focuses on building an effective receivables management system, and takes as an example a biotechnological and biopharmaceutical company - Biocad Closed Joint-Stock Company, for which a number of recommendations were put forward to improve the effectiveness of the current debtor debt management system and maintain a stable financial the company's position in such a difficult time for the economy and the whole country as a whole. An analysis of the company's receivables revealed problems associated with an increase in receivables in assets and a sharp increase in accounts payable, which affected the change in the ratio of debt. During the work on the article, such research methods as definition of concepts, classification, analysis and synthesis, comparison and description were applied
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Keywords: deferred payment, receivables, receivables management, management methods, indicators of the status of receivables, collection ratio, factoring, forfaiting.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-2-170-181

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