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December 2018 (published: 27.12.2018)

Number 4(35)

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UDC 332.144

Financial aspects of economic security

Farber V.A.

This article is devoted to the financial aspects of the economic security of the country and the threats in modern conditions. The study shows that the creation of effective mechanisms for financing the economic base, its strengthening, are necessary conditions, without which it is impossible to develop economic complexes. The article proves that the basis of economic development of the Russian Federation should be financial security, which is a comprehensive indicator that ensures the effective development of the regions. The multilevel elements and principles of financial security of the region with statistical data on the results of 2017 are presented. The problems in the financial aspects of financial security, reflecting the lack of full monitoring of the financial components of the socio-economic systems of the regions, recorded in real time. Based on the analysis, the factors that increase the level of internal threats are identified. The most significant external threats to the economic security of the Russian Federation at the present stage are identified. Real threats to the economic security of the Russian Federation are noted. Special attention is paid to the financial security of the North-West region. The directions for improving financial security in the public sector are outlined, in particular, it is indicated that the regions should move to an intensive path of development, with an effective long-term financial policy, which requires an increase in the share of spending on education, science and infrastructure; qualitative improvement in the work of social sectors; stimulation of entrepreneurial activity and private investment. The article emphasizes that in order to change the situation and increase the rate of economic growth, it is necessary to revise the government policy and carry out reforms in the structural, industrial, monetary policy and in the use of foreign economic relations.
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Keywords: financing, financial components, subject, management, decision, security, rating, region.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2018-11-4-52-61

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