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December 2017 (published: 20.12.2017)

Number 4(31)

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UDC 332.82

Assessment of the effectiveness of the housing policy implementation in the regions of Russia

Guzikova L.A. , Plotnikova E.V. , Kolesnikov A.M.

The transition to market relations in Russia has had a huge impact on the housing sector both in terms of its material component and housing relations. The number of problems accumulated in this area is enormous, their solution requires coordinated actions of all participants in housing relations. To date, most of the scientific papers in this field of research offer ways to solve problems of housing financing and ensuring itsaffordability to population, while ignoring the activities of state structures and there is no evaluation of the effectiveness of their housing policy. The objective of the study is to assess the effectiveness of the housing policy of the Russian Federation, recorded in regulatory legal documents, in terms of the attainability of its targets. The authors studied the goals and objectives of housing policy in Russia, as well as its strategic directions of development. The urgency of increasing the effectiveness of interaction between housing policy bodies at various levels and a comprehensive assessment of the housing stock in the regions of the country is substantiated. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of housing policy is given, conclusions are drawn regarding the attainability of the goals and the degree of feasibility of the housing policy objectives, enshrined in the Concept of the country's long-term social and economic development. The results of the study can be used by regional and federal authorities.
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Keywords: regional economy, housing policy, policy effectiveness, housing stock, housing construction, housing rent

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2017-10-4-3-15

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