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September 2017 (published: 29.09.2017)

Number 3(30)

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Industrial structure small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia

Pinkovetskaia I.S.

The research urgency is caused by the implementation of the Federal strategy of development of small and medium entrepreneurship for the period up to 2030 year. The aim of the study was to determine the laws specific to the current sector structure of small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia. Objectives of the study: to establish the patterns characterizing the number of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs belonging to small and medium entrepreneurship, in different economic activities, the number of their employees, the change in the structure of entrepreneurship in five years, the definition of specific indicators number of employees per enterprise. Research methodology is based on the consideration of sets of entities that are generated on daily basis. During the research, a comparative analysis of the performance of small and medium businesses in 2015 and 2010 according to official statistics, based on solid observations of activities of small and medium-sized businesses. Defined industries in which small and medium-sized enterprises have received the greatest development. Proved the absence of significant structural shifts over the period from 2010 to 2015, both the number of enterprises and number of employees. The mean values of the number of employees per legal entity and individual entrepreneur operating in each of the 14 types of industries. Identified six core activities. The practical significance of research results is associated with the possibility of their use by departments of the regional administration, involved in formation of projects and programs of entrepreneurship development, as well as the monitoring activities of the entrepreneurial sector.
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Keywords: microenterprises, small enterprises, medium enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, quantity of workers, industries, structural change.

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