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June 2017 (published: 30.06.2017)

Number 2(29)

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UDC 330.342:504

The Recycling Contribution to Neo-industrial Development: the Effects Classification

Koroleva L.P.

In the conditions of the volume increasing of production waste generation and consumption with a low level of their utilization, the Russian Federation entities are tasked to form effective systems of waste management by 2019. In this regard, it seems relevant to systematize the effects of improving the waste disposal scope at the meso-level and to highlight the most significant of them. To solve this problem, we use systemic and deductive approaches, as well as general scientific methods of research. The study showed that the ecological effects of recycling for the territory development were studied in the most detailed way. The content of the economic effect is controversial, since the recycling influence on the state spheres of the economy and business entities is multi-valued and multi-directional. The social, scientific and technological effects are poorly researched. The article proposes the effects classification depending on the criteria of economic growth in the neo-industrial economy (sustainability, innovation and inclusiveness); their grouping depending on the impact on the territory development (direct and indirect effects) and on the order of occurrence and impact on the waste streams and secondary resources (first, second and third order effects). It is concluded that the net economic effect for the territory is formed not as a sum of effects obtained by business and households, but as a result of the development and functioning of the recycling industry. The results of the study can be used to assess the aggregated recycling effect on the territory development, as well as the effectiveness of the territorial authorities’ activities, regional operators, other entities in the field of waste management and the quality of population life.
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Keywords: recycling, production and consumption waste, effect, neo-industrial development, utilization

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2017-10-2-29-38

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