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September 2016 (published: 30.09.2016)

Number 3(26)

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UDC 330.101.541

Methodological approaches to the study of the nature and measurement of innovation potential

Zueva O.A.

In the article the author systematically different approaches to the study of the phenomenon of innovation potential and its measurement: resource-based approach is based on the direct relationship between costs and results of innovation activity of the national economy, a productive approach - on the back of the relationship between inputs and outputs, an integrated approach - on the bilateral relationship between the cost and results; analyzed the views of domestic and foreign economists as A. Bovin, A. Gorovoy, G. Zhits, O. Zueva, E. Mukhanova, A. Nikolaev, K. Freeman L. Cherednikova, V. Yakimovich, O. Yares, etc., exploring the essence of innovative potential and its evaluation; The essence of such categories as "innovation potential", the necessity of an integrated approach to the study of the nature and assessment of the innovation potential of Russian national economy using aggregated approach and measurement of certain elements of the building on the basis of piecemeal approach, which act as complementary and mutually enriching methods for the analysis of perfection a system such as the national economy of Russia.
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Keywords: methodological approach, resource approach, productive approach, integrated approach, innovative potential, national economy, real sector

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2016-9-3-24-29

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