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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

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Institute of creative education as a way of investing in human capital of Russian Federation

Medved A.A. , Medved P.A.

The authors consider the institute of creative education as a form of investment in human capital of the Russian Federation. Affirms the need for innovative development of the education system, at the same time indicates the possibility of barriers in this process. Creative education is presented as a strategic guide for the formation of the state policy of modernization of the Russian economy. The main factors for the success of the implementation of creative component in the education system of the Russian Federation are connotative qualities of teachers, namely creative activity, tolerance of uncertainty, and «abnotive» quality. The requirement for mandatory use of new innovative technologies and the transition to standards of learning throughout the hole teaching community appears to be ineffective, since it does not take into account the distribution of personal «abnotivе» and connotative qualities of both teachers and students. Due to the exclusivity of such qualities professional selection of teachers is needed for participation in such projects as well as psychological support of this kind of experiments should be organized. Thus, innovation and creative expertise should not be a requirement of professional competence of teachers, as far as it is rather a special talent, which should not have every single employee of education system. At the same time, it is necessary to establish some kind of reward system for teachers who, having creative competences and psychological stability, would carry out the work on the identification gifted students and their further maintenance with the support of psychological services of educational e institution.
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Keywords: creative education; human capital; private investments; government investment; creative activity.

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