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2015 (published: 02.12.2015)

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The history of the crowdfunding .The classification of species. Analysis of development prospects and benefits

Sanin M.K.

The article gives a detailed description of the history of the emergence of the phenomenon of crowdfunding, given its definition as well as the detailed stages of development of the Internet crowdfunding. The classification of a position crowdfunding purposes and types, as well as detail the classification of types of kraudinvestinga, namely model Royalties national lending and equity crowdfunding. Lists the most successful crowdfunding platforms, describes the history of their origin, specialization, stages of development, the most successful projects in terms of investment and attract investment.The history of development and formation of crowdfunding in Russia, given the prospects for its development.The analysis of the reasons for the dynamic development of this type of investment projects.The features of the legislation in respect of crowdfunding in different countries. The possibility of using crowdfunding as the main way of attracting investment in innovative new products , projects , software and more. The main reasons for the popularity of crowdfunding from the position of the donor (the investor) and from the point of view of the author crowdfunding project, namely, the ability to invest directly in the production of interesting product, an innovative idea at an early stage; prospects for a high level of return on investment; large variety of projects for investment; the opportunity to participate in small amounts; from the perspective of the creator of the project; the ability to realize the idea, find funding for that traditional methods would be impossible; minimum cost if the project does not collect sufficient funds.
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Keywords: crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, royalties, crowdsourcing, freelancer, start-up company, donator, sponsor, investor, pre-order, equity crowdfunding, national loans, kick-starter.

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