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June 2014 (published: 11.06.2014)

Number 2(17)

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UDC 338.24.01

Typology of Managing and Planning Methods in Modern Society

Orlov S.V.

Any modern managing and planning model proposes different kinds of rigidity or flexibility in their realization in practice. The comparison and choice between these models require a general classification to be worked out. During the last decades three basic models of managing and planning have been identified: 1) the model of feebly hierarchical system, 2) the model of highly hierarchical system and 3) the model of net system. In general, the choice of the most effective one among them is impossible because their specific character of managing objects should be taken into account.  One of the disadvantages of the USSR society consisted in its impossibility to use the second model instead of the predominant first one. The third model effectiveness rises greatly owing to the modern information technologies development. The latter becomes the most rapidly developing one among them. Impossibility to use the net technology advantages may reduce the competiveness among states and other people communities. The choice of the most effective model of managing and planning and its improving takes place in any sphere of human activity. A good choice creates new opportunities in economy, policy, etc. The role of a proper choice of the managing and planning model will increase in different spheres. In the near future the third model based on net technologies is supposed to realize its potential.
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Keywords: planning and managing methods, net technologies, hierarchical system, crowdsourcing, noosorsing.

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